Build Momentum join forces with Barbour ABI to help All Counties Commissioning move forward!

All Counties Commissioning offer a wide range of commissioning services, including HVAC commissioning and water treatment, throughout the UK. They have grown steadily since their inception in 2011 and now have ambitious plans to increase their workload, and in turn their workforce. A key part of this is, of course, identifying current projects, and, in particular, the mechanical contractors involved in the delivery.

With this in mind, the obvious choice was to subscribe to Barbour ABI, having been recommended to use it by a contact. The team at All Counties logged on to the system regularly, and could see that the information that was at their fingertips was exactly what they needed to assist them in achieving their growth targets, however, finding the time to dedicate to contact potential clients was difficult for them. Having achieved limited success with, but still being able to see the value of, Barbour ABI, the directors at All Counties had a dilemma.

Barbour ABI put All Counties in touch with Build Momentum, as they specialise in telemarketing, appointment setting and lead generation, within the construction industry. After an initial phone call a meeting was arranged for the following day. Build Momentum were able to demonstrate how their relevant experience would be a big help to All Counties.

They would be assigned a log in to All Counties’ Barbour ABI subscription and take responsibility for interrogating the data, qualifying the types of projects that would be a perfect fit for them and engage with, and nurture, the relevant decision makers. Using an email address, Build Momentum were able to handle all the correspondence, sending out initial introductions and receiving invitations to tender on behalf of All Counties.
The first month of the campaign generated 8 tender opportunities, with many more that will come to fruition later in the year, 4 of which were with companies that All Counties had earmarked on their wish list.

The service provided by Build Momentum is perfect for our requirements as we grow as a company. The number, and quality, of opportunities that have been generated has been very impressive.

This campaign has got off to a great start, and the information provided by Barbour ABI is key to this. It allows us be very targeted in our prospecting which has allowed us to generate the type of results we have so far.

We are really pleased with the results All Counties has seen from using our intelligence service and with Build Momentum’s expertise they have found some great opportunities. Our data is perfect for All Counties, allowing them to expand their pipeline and find new customers.