Build Momentum and Barbour ABI combine to sow the seeds of growth!

Wrights Landscapes is a steadily expanding company, with a wealth of experience having worked with many main contractors and developers large and small. However, much of that work had been as a sub-contractor to other landscaping companies. The need to be employed directly was identified as a necessity to achieve the desired growth targets and the decision was made to subscribe to Barbour ABI.

Wright Landscapes were very impressed the wealth of data at their fingertips and their first action was to send out a mailer to a large group of potential customers. Whilst this provided a small number of opportunities, it became apparent that a more proactive approach was needed to get the most out of their subscription.

Barbour ABI put Wrights Landscapes in touch with Build Momentum, as they specialise in telemarketing, appointment setting and lead generation, within the construction industry. During an initial phone call, Build Momentum were able to demonstrate how their relevant experience would be a big help to Wrights Landscapes, and an agreement was reached to move forward.

They would be assigned a log in to Wrights Landscapes Barbour ABI subscription and take responsibility for interrogating the data, qualifying the types of projects that would be a perfect fit for them and engage with, and nurture, the relevant decision makers. Using a email address, Build Momentum were able to handle all the correspondence, sending out initial introductions and receiving invitations to tender on behalf of Wrights Landscapes.

Within the first three months of the campaign, Wrights Landscapes had secured their first project, with a national main contractor, which has since led to repeat business.

The expertise provided by Build Momentum is first class, not just in terms of business development, but the construction industry as a whole.

We have been able to make an immediate impact for Wrights Landscapes maximising the information provided by Barbour ABI.

A combination of our intelligence service and Build Momentum’s expertise has enabled Wrights Landscapes to take advantage of new opportunities and relationships. We are pleased with results so far.