Who We Work With

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We work with architects to help them, and their clients, achieve cost certainty.
We provide estimating services to architects, and there clients, throughout all stages of the project lifecycle.


We help smaller contractors with outsource services, filling in any gaps in their growing business.
Business development, introductions to architects, estimating, project management, contract administration and much more.


We work with novice developers right through to experienced investors.
Assistance with initial feasibility, introductions to contractors and consultants, and support throughout the whole project.


We provide a whole range of outsource services to main contractors.
Outsourced estimating, project administration, introductions to sub contractors, and assistance across the entire build cycle.


We work with manufacturers and distributors of construction materials and systems.
We provide expert telemarketing services, utilising decades of construction business development experience.


We help Sub Contractors scross all trades across all elements of their business.
Tendering opportunities, business development, estimating, health & safety consultancy, and more.


Take a look at some of the companies we work with that allow us to offer such a great service to our clients.



The expertise provided by Build Momentum is first class, not just in terms of business development, but the construction industry as a whole.

We have been able to make an immediate impact for Wrights Landscapes maximising the information provided by Barbour ABI.

A combination of our intelligence service and Build Momentum’s expertise has enabled Wrights Landscapes to take advantage of new opportunities and relationships. We are pleased with results so far.