Build Momentum and Barbour ABI generate new business for Vital Power!

Vital Power is one of the fastest growing generator service solutions companies in the UK. They have ambitious plans to be the most trusted service provider within the critical power solutions sector. They are privately owned and operated with over 30 years’ experience working in the UK power generation market. Their engineering team consists of highly skilled, OEM apprentice trained engineers working all over the UK.

Vital Power have subscribed to Barbour ABI for a long time, knowing that the data they have at their fingertips is a crucial ingredient to continue their ambitious growth. However, they had varying degrees of success following up on this, the main obstacle was finding the time. To get maximum use of the subscription, Vital Power knew they needed a dedicated resource that could systematically interrogate the data, identify suitable projects, and then crucially, proactively contact the relevant decision makers and create new business opportunities. This is where Build Momentum came in.

The team at Barbour ABI put Vital Power in touch with Build Momentum and very quickly it was decided that the service offered is exactly what was needed. A contract was agreed, and after some brief product training, Build Momentum got straight to work.

The campaign started in March 2020, just as the UK went into lockdown. This forced Build Momentum to adopt a slightly different approach to ensure that they maximised the impact of the time spent calling prospective Vital Power clients. Opportunities were still out there, and the decision was made to carry on being proactive.

It was not long before the tender enquiries started to materialise with coming from some of the largest M&E Contractors in the UK. In just a few months the campaign yielded its first result with a confirmed order for Vital Power.

We have been very impressed with the professionalism shown by Build Momentum. The communication has been excellent, and we have been kept up to date right the way through. To have already secured work at this early stage really is the icing on the cake

We were very confident that we would be able to make a real impact for Vital Power and I am very pleased that this has been the case We look forward to building on this great start with even more success moving forward.

Having introduced Vital Power to Build Momentum it is fantastic to see the success they have achieved so far. I look forward to seeing the relationship with both Barbour ABI and Build Momentum grow and provide even more benefit in the future.