Roomfoss are a major force in the design and manufacture of all types of control systems from standalone distribution panels to intelligent Motor Control Centres. They have been in the business for over 25 years and their worldwide markets include the chemical, petrochemical, food, power generation, transport infrastructure, Hospitals and Water industries.

Roomfoss having been using Barbour ABI for a long time, using the data to give them the edge over their competitors with real time project opportunities. However, they hadn’t always utilised the powerful data to it’s full potential as there wasn’t always somebody with direct responsibility to do so.
It became obvious that this was something that Build Momentum could help with and so Barbour ABI put them in touch. Initial conversations went very well, and Roomfoss were satisified that Build Momentum were a good fit, however, COVID-19 intervened, delaying things slightly.

Eventually an agreement was reached and Build Momentum got to work back in May, confident that they would be able to achieve tangible results, despite the abnormal trading conditions. After a short product briefing, conducted remotely, the campaign kicked off and straightaway started to yield opportunities for Roomfoss to price. It also became clear that the quality was very high.

Roomfoss have already secured business in the short time since the partnership began, and continue to benefit from the data provided by Barbour ABI and the ability of Build Momentum to help turn it into real business.

I really like the way Build Momentum go about their business and I have been very impressed with the number and quality of opportunities they have uncovered. I wish we had signed up with them earlier

During our initial conversations it was clear that we would be able to add real value to Roomfoss, which was why we were so persistent.

Introducing Roomfoss and Build Momentum has been a pleasure. Build Momentum have turned our specialist data into opportunities to allow Roomfoss to develop new relationships. I look forward to this partnership developing further and hearing more success stories