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Are you looking to build your pipeline, win more work and secure more orders?

Build Momentum support a wide range of companies within the construction industry, providing them with a comprehensive outsourced telemarketing service. Whether you are a manufacturer or distributor looking to speak with architects to get your product specified, or a sub-contractor wanting to connect with main contractors and developers, we can help you move forward.

We specialise in construction and offer other services such as estimating & contract management, so we have an in-depth understanding of the project lifecycle. We also have an excellent working knowledge of Barbour ABI.

We can use your Barbour ABI and systematically interrogate the database to uncover the projects that are most relevant to you.

We will set up a unique phone number for you, using your area code, so any inbound calls will be answered appropriately.

We will engage with decision makers, identify their requirements, introduce your company, and arrange a meeting if appropriate.

We can enter the appointment straight into you sales teams’ diaries if required.

We will set up an email using your domain name, so we can deal with information requests and follow ups instantly.

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How we can help you move your business forward

See how we have helped some of our clients win more business.


Prologic found the accuracy of the data from Barbour ABI and the professional manner of Build Momentum both on the phone and in person was not only very impressive, but lead to many opportunities to quote.


The first month of All Counties campaign generated 8 tender opportunities, with many more that came to fruition later in the year. 4 of which were with companies that All Counties had earmarked on their wish list.


The team at Barbour ABI put Abbey Business Interiors in touch with Build Momentum and results were produced straightaway,

Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst there are of course variables with all clients, experience tells us that tender leads for subcontractor trades and main contractors tend to manifest themselves within week one. Slower burning leads such as for consultancies and manufacturers gather pace toward the end of the initial three month campaign.

Yes indeed, our whole ethos encourages dialogue as it is fundamental to developing and maintaining our relationship with you.

Our team will work with you to identify exactly what is required, from IT, points of contact, web links, testimonials and brochures we help you every step of the way.

We find a wide range of deliverables from tender opportunities and appointment setting to supply chain registrations, CPD scheduling and event follow ups. We will always work with you to understand what are the most important deliverables to you.

Whilst we could never claim to have worked with every single discipline within the industry, we do have extensive experience across the construction sector and work with all sorts of trades, main contractors, consultants, suppliers, manufacturers and service providers.

Of course this will vary from client to client. For main contractors looking to win multi-million pound tenders it will often be a greater monetary amount than a client who’s average job brings in a few thousand or less. That being said, most of our clients have been with us for years on a rolling month to month contract which speaks for itself. If it wasn’t generating a return they would spend their budget somewhere else!

We maintain ongoing telephone contact with our clients, reinforced by emailed correspondence for all leads and enquiries. In addition we provide a monthly progress report and online video meeting to accommodate analysis and strategy.

This is dependent upon a wide variety of factors which we take care to discuss with you. For example, finding the balance between winning just enough work and too much for your business to cope with is critical. Targeting the correct type of potential client and geographic area equally so. We work with you to agree a strategy and number of days that you are happy with.

Yes we can! As a result of many of our established business development clients asking us about additional services, we have evolved to provide additional outsourced resources. These currently include estimating:

  • Media
  • Cultural development
  • SHEQ
  • Skills development.

Our team are from a diverse range of backgrounds, yet have one thing in common – a knowledge of construction. Some gained “on the tools” some from a construction management background and all from delivering business development services on behalf of our clients.

Yes, we have a number a strategic relationships, for example Barbour ABI (the market leaders in construction intelligence solutions); The Construction Index (the leading online information source for the construction & building industry) and a wide variety of specialist service providers.

Certainly not! Our contract is concise and transparent, with an obligation for just a three month initial period and an ongoing monthly rolling contract continuing thereafter.

No, we dislike this tactic as much as anyone else and believe it’s an annoying and ineffective strategy, with no place in the professional marketplace.

Quite simply because it’s a proven strategy. Human beings like to have a conversation and to build  a rapport with others. We take pride in being “people people” and nurturing relationships knowing how to use the best forms of  communication.

Yes, our team all have construction orientated experience and contribute a wide variety of knowledge of the marketplace.

Our team will maintain telephone and email contact with the nominated point.

In short, shout sooner rather than later! We can either offer additional estimating resource to help take the strain, reduce the campaign intensity, or create bespoke combination of the two to meet your needs.

Our industry knowledge and experience means we have an enviable contacts resource at all levels across all construction sectors.

We identify your target market in collaboration with you, taking into account client type, sector, geography and contract value parameters.

No. We submit an invoice monthly, in common with recognised industry practice.

Quite simply to ensure that our clients can be kept informed of progress, have the opportunity to discuss amendments to campaign criteria and above all to maintain open dialogue.