2014 Charity Winter Comfort – for the homeless

Winter Comfort has been chosen as our 2014 charity. This amazing charity supports men and women of all ages and times of the year who are homeless or vulnerably housed by offering them vital welfare service and opportunities for learning and development in the Cambridgeshire area.

Their key areas of support are:

  • a safe place, where people can feel welcome and valued
  • basic amenities such as meals, showers and laundry facilities
  • a range of educational and recreational activities
  • opportunities to access other agencies eg health service, legal advice
  • meaningful work and volunteering opportunities through our social enterprises.

Meeting Winter Comfort

On Thursday 9th January the team went to meet Sarah Pesonen the Community Events and Fundraising Coordinator at Overstream House in Cambridge to see their facilities and see what plans and events they had planned this year. We will be volunteering throughout the year, helping with raising funds, awareness and giving our time to support Winter Comfort as best we can. We will keep you posted with more details on Our Support page.

“Thank you also for offering to support us this year – it sounds like you do some really exciting things and have lots of non-financial support to offer alongside fundraising. I’m very excited about the plans for the Infinity Challenge and I think the mentoring would be really useful. Most of all I’m really pleased that you guys are keen to challenge the stereotypes and myths around homelessness. As I said, our service users are homeless for a whole variety of reasons and what we pride ourselves on doing here is treating everyone as an individual and being non-judgemental.” – Sarah Pesonen the Community Events and Fundraising Coordinator


For more information visit Winter Comfort