Public Notices – OJEU Explained

OJEU stands for the Official Journal of the European Union. It’s a gazette of record for the European Union. It is published in 22 official languages of the member states, every working day since 1 February 2003.

OJEU’s in the UK are where the Public Sector posts tender opportunities for just about anything and the contracts can be of any size. You can be an Architect, Main contractor, sub-contractor or even a supplier, its all on there. It’s free to register on the site and set up searches so it’s a great way to get on frameworks and find new companies to do business with.

To get started go to

It is not the most user friendly of sites so we have outlined the basics below:

  1. When you arrive on the home page on the left choose “Business Opportunities”
  2. Under the drop down list “Search Scope” select “All Current Notices”
  3. Select “UK – United Kingdom”
  4. A list on the right should now appear under the heading “Business Opportunities” you can choose where to go from here but we go with “Contract Notice”
  5. Now we get presented with a huge list of opportunities and we want to refine this to what we want. In this example we will find Main Contract for Building Projects.
  6. Click “Refine Search”
  7. You have get some choices which you can define, we like starting with “CPV code”
  8. Click the Green Plus symbol next to CPV Code
  9. A window appears and we only want to click the green square until we find exactly what we want.
  10. Click the green box for Construction and Real Estate
  11. Click Construction Work
  12. Under Construction Work we get 5 options. We want Main Contracts so click the green box again for “Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work”
  13. Finally we want to check the box for Building construction work
  14. Click ok
  15. Now click search and see what we have!
  16. Now we have a list and its up to you to find one near you and find out more!

You can even try other search options to show when contracts have been awarded. If you’re a supplier or sub-contractor you can find new companies to get in touch with, knowing they have recently won some work. It’s that easy but if you need help please feel free to email us or call and we will be happy to help you with your own searches to get you started.