New Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) Guidance

Have you tried tendering for public sector work but find the PQQs too time consuming?

Been asked to tender for public sector work but been rejected following submittal of your PQQ?

Help is at hand.  In an effort to simplify the tendering process and remove some of the bureaucracy faced by smaller firms, the government have made numerous changes to the pre-qualification process.  The principal changes which could affect your business are:

  • Abolition of an onerous pre-qualification stage for contracts below certain values.
  • Contracts under the following values do not require the contractor to submit a full PQQ:
    • £111,676 for central government contracts.
    • £172,514 for contracts outside central government.
  • A new requirement for contracting authorities to insert provisions in all public contracts to ensure prompt payment (within 30 days) through the supply chain.  No more waiting 45days plus for your money.
  • The requirement to advertise public sector opportunities in once place (Contract Finder).  Making it easier for you to search for public sector work.
  • The requirement to publish award notices for contracts.  Saving you valuable time chasing up tenders you have submitted.
  • A simplified 8 Section document is now used for smaller contracts.  Allowing you to spend more time on your business rather than filling in forms.
  • Whilst there will still be fundamental questions which will need to be answered (for example, economic and financial standing of your business, technical and professional ability etc.) the process has now been significantly streamlined.
  • The above changes came into force on 26th February 2015.

In summary, these changes have be brought in as a result of wide consultation between government, public bodies, small businesses and trade bodies following the release of Lord Young’s recommendations to government in his ‘Growing Your Business’ report from May 2013.

These changes will ensure a simpler and more consistent approach to procurement across all public sectors and make procurement opportunities more accessible to smaller businesses.  For more information please visit