New Fire Station Tender – Cheshire

BAM and ISG are known to be tendering for the £6.5m scheme consisting of a new fire station and learning centre, returns are due back in early July 2015.

The building of a new fire station and safety centre in Lymm is part of a comprehensive plan to improve response times across Cheshire, Halton and Warrington. The plan, which involves the building of up to five new stations, was subject of a widespread public consultation last year.

Safety Centre: a new era for prevention

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has an impressive track record in preventing people of all ages from coming to harm in the home, on the road and in the community. Our state-of-the-art Safety Centre will take this work to a whole new level.

For the first time ever, they will have a purpose-built facility dedicated to public safety. Visitors will learn how to stay safe, well and independent by experiencing a range of hazards in four realistic learning zones that simulate the environments in which injury and harm are most likely to occur.

The Centre will take shape opposite Lymm Services at the junction of the M6 and M56 near Warrington. It will share a single, integrated building with a new fire station for the area, therefore offering a glimpse inside a working fire and rescue service and an exciting opportunity to learn about the role of a modern firefighter.

An immersive space for learning

Designed to blend into its surroundings while being a stimulating and exciting place to visit, the striking circular building will house:

  • a bright and spacious welcome area that will also serve as flexible meeting and breakout space and offer visitors views into the fire station training ground
  • an immersive 270cinema room where tours of the Centre will begin
  • Safer Choices – a series of interactive scenarios encouraging groups to consider the consequences of their decisions, including a police custody suite, courtroom, A&E, convenience store and cybercafé
  • Safe as Houses – a lifesize three-bedroom family home, garage and garden, rigged to not only showcase the most common causes of accidents and fires, but also technologies and equipment to help prevent injury and promote independence
  • Streetsafe – a dramatic urban environment complete with a road, bridge, pelican crossing, cycle path, railway station, canalside, alleyway, cashpoint, building site and substation
  • Ruralrisk – recreating Cheshire’s great outdoors, indoors, this zone will highlight dangers in the open countryside, forest and lakes, on farms and on rural roads
  • a dining space for visitors and a small shop allowing them to purchase safety products.

Tailor-made programmes

The Centre will deliver learning aimed at people most at risk of accidents, injuries and harm and will draw on the expertise of partner agencies committed to keeping our communities safe. Programmes will be developed in detail over the next two years, but examples include sessions for:

  • new parents, guardians and carers – equipping them with the knowledge and skills to keep children under five safe from the most common causes of accidents
  • Key Stage 2 pupils – encouraging the right choices at home, on the road and while playing and the consequences of their decisions on themselves and others
  • Key Stage 4 students – how to stay safe and take responsibility as they become increasingly independent at home and in their communities
  • carers and professionals of older or more vulnerable friends, relatives and clients – to help them keep those they look after safe and independent.