BuildersHelping Builders Move Forward

Are you a builder looking for help and support to enable you to move forward? If you are struggling to find time we can help. There are a number of areas in which we can assist but the most common is estimating. Many of the builders we work with had previously been pricing up jobs late in the evening or on Sunday mornings. Time that could certainly be better spent.

If this rings true for you then get in touch. We can provide a service in which we take care of all your estimating or just help you through those times when you require extra capacity. No one likes to turn away work if at all possible but responding to tender requests can sometimes get put to the bottom of the task list.

Project Administration

In a similar fashion we can help with other areas of your day to day business such as contract management. Helping you administrate the contractual side of the business and managing your relationships with sub contractors and your supply chain. We can also help with project management from inception to completion. This can be ongoing or just during times that you need that extra support.

Business Development

If you are looking for extra opportunities we can also help you with this too. We can approach architects and end users on your behalf to increase your network of potential clients, another process that can often be put to the back of the queue. We understand the difficulties that you face, day in day out, and we are able to help you. This includes finding labour for you to add to your workforce, or assistance with administration such as ensuring that you are meeting your health and safety obligations to helping you stay up to date with your relevant insurances.

To discuss any of this get in touch by giving us a call on the number at the top of the page or you can fill in our contact form and we’ll get straight back to you.