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How we help Sub Contractors to move forward

There are many different areas that we can help sub contractors. Whether you’ve got a track record within the residential market and you’re looking to make the move to take on more commercial work, or you’re already running multiple projects but you’d like to win even more to ensure that you keep your workforce out on site.

Business Development & Estimating

Primarily we are able to help you to connect with main contractors and developers who are looking for companies exactly like yours and the services that you offer. We can provide you with a steady flow of tendering opportunities, month in month out, and also take care of the follow up and feedback on your behalf. If you need help returning these tenders then we can take care of that for you too. We offer an in depth estimating service to allow you to get on and concentrate on delivering your live projects.

To ensure that you are able to meet demand we can help with labour supply too. If you need short term staff to ensure you meet an upturn in demand, or whether you’re looking to enhance your workforce with quality tradespeople we can help you find them. We can also find permanent staff for you if you are looking for people to fulfil key positions within your organisation.

We understand the difficulties that Sub Contractors face, day in day out, and we are able to help you. This includes assistance with administration such as ensuring that you are meeting your health and safety obligations to helping you stay up to date with your relevant insurances.

Business Development

This service is perfect for smaller sub-contractors who can’t justify the budget to have a full-time business development manager.

We’ll provide an extension to your business, creating a ready-made sales force. We’ll put you in touch with main contractors and developers, providing you with a steady stream of opportunities to tender.

We’ll take care of the follow up once you have priced the tender, ensuring that you maximise your chances of securing the work. We can even help you price the tender using our estimating service.

We operate on a commission basis, so it is a great way to get started.


Our telemarketing team has decades of experience providing outsourced telemarketing within the construction industry.

We only work with companies that operate in, or are selling into, construction and the built environment. This makes us specialists in our field. Each one of our team has an in-depth knowledge of the project procurement lifecycle, enabling us to be able to represent your company as credible ambassadors, maximising every opportunity we come across.

We’ll set up a separate unique phone number for you, so as far as the prospects that we speak with on your behalf are concerned, we are sat in your office. We’ll deal with all correspondence using your email format and domain, becoming a seamless extension of your salesforce, providing top quality appointment setting and lead generation. We can even provide call recordings of our conversations, so you know the exact nature of the opportunity.

Estimating Services

Our estimating services are here to price your tenders when you are too busy. Are you looking for professional, accurate and affordable estimating services but finding it hard to find a reliable estimator? We can help you price more tenders, and win more work, allowing you to concentrate on the other aspects of your business.

Estimating and costing is our main area of work. We take the details from the plans and specifications and merge them into our schedules, from here we then measure all work items to provide a fully detailed tender showing quantities, unit rates, sub totals and the all-important total. We go further and can prepare breakdowns for materials, labour, subcontract costs, plant etc so you know what allowances have been made. The schedules can be used to buy materials and even help with stage payments. We break everything down to the smallest detail to ensure all items get allowed for within your tender. We price all building works in all sectors, project values ranging from a few hundred, to multi million pounds.

Project Management

We offer a comprehensive project management service. This can be for the entire duration of the project or just during those times when you need extra capacity.

This includes production and continuous monitoring of a construction programme utilising professional software. This is essential to track site progress and ensure all sub-contractors are aware of the key dates.

We also review project documentation requirements to produce an Information Release Schedule detailing what information is required at each stage of the project. This will ensure that all consultants are aware of the timelines and therefore will issue the correct information at the correct time.

We can also provide a design review to identify long lead time items (production of the project Procurement Schedule to ensure all key items are ordered at the right time), Early issues with design or site co-ordination and Value Engineering options.

Other areas of assistance include managing the documentation process ensuring all information is up to date and all sub-contractors have been issued the latest amendments and checking all drawing revisions to ensure all changes have been incorporated. Managing the professional team (architect, structural engineer, services consultants) by chairing pre-construction and site meetings, issuing formal meeting minutes and coordinating design changes.

Contract Administration

We offer a comprehensive contract administration service. This can be for the entire duration of the project or just during those times when you need extra capacity. As the project moves along we can help manage your relationships with your sub contractors and your supply chain and ensure that you get accurate pricing from reliable contractors.

Other areas of this service include compiling accurate scopes of work to issue to sub-contractors for pricing, liaison with sub-contractors regarding on site progress and quality and negotiations with sub-contractors to ensure any variations are captured and priced accordingly.

What our clients say

Build Momentum play a huge role in our ability to bid for more work. We work together on a daily basis to ensure that we achieve our maximum sales potential.

Joe Fanthorpe, Church Street Works

The service provided by Build Momentum has allowed us to gain deeper market penetration, much quicker.

Mark Wood, Ali-Deck

The service provided by Build Momentum is perfect for our requirements as we grow as a company. The number, and quality, of opportunities that have been generated has been very impressive

Build Momentum’s cost consultancy service is extremely valuable, as it allows my clients to be aware of the financial implications of our proposals at various stages of the design, enabling them to feel empowered and to make informed decisions on how to proceed.

Matt Plummer, Studio Teepee

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