Guest Blog: Leonardo Wood of LGX Marketing

Ride The Pink Elephant with a £4000 Grant from Essex County Council

Guest post by Leonardo Wood, Digital Marketing Trainer for the Construction Sector

Essex County Council are giving Essex Building Companies, Installers & Tradespeople a £4000 Grant toward the cost of Digital Marketing Training, for their staff. If you or your staff don’t know how to use Websites, Google, Facebook, Twitter & Email Marketing to beat your competitors online, to grow your business, sales and profit, now is the very best time to get on board. Since the summer of 2014 the Digital Skills for Growth program has given £130,000 to Essex employers, to spend on Digital Skills training for their employees. According to feedback received, recipients estimate that for every £1 they received in funding, they expect to receive £29 return, meaning, if they were given £4000 they expect to generate a return of £116,000. ‘Construction’ is one of the sectors being awarded, but the Grant expires on the 31st March, so you need to act now.

More details can be found at:

Use Your £4000 To Ride The Pink Elephant

My Dad , David Wood, was an Entrepreneur, Entertainer, Acrobatic, Musician, Traditional Signwriter, Teacher and Small Business Owner. In the mid to late 60’s he used to ride a Pink Elephant into town as part of his Skegness Circus Performance. Hundreds of people would follow him on his Pink Elephant and watch as they stopped at the first pub in town, for a pint of Beer. My Dad wasn’t drinking and riding, the Beer was for the Elephant as it refused to pass the pub without his yearly Pint. This was a truly unique and amazing one-off experience that people never forgot. Between them, my Dad and his Pink Elephant entertained 1000’s of people each summer and the show ran for a few years, but unfortunately, their lives were both cut short. The Elephant (which of course was only painted Pink) wandered out of the Circus one night looking for a drink of water and fell into a local swimming pool and drowned. And my Dad, who lived a very active, healthy and happy life, died of Cancer aged 65… 6 years ago this month. They will both be missed and remembered forever by all who knew them, or saw them perform.

But why am I telling you this?

Because for me, the Beer Drinking Pink Elephant, carrying my Dad into town, represents something that’s unique, amazing and will never be seen again. Which brings me to something else, that’s unique, amazing, and will never be seen again… and it’s happening in Essex right now.

Here’s the thing…

About 5 years before my Dad died, he started a Canopy Construction business in Essex with my Brother, which was called; Able Canopies.

I developed a Digital Marketing Process for Able Canopies that increased their turnover by 36% (an extra £791,000 per year).

At the end of this month, my brand new Digital Marketing Course starts in Essex and I will be teaching a small group of people, on how to use the same Digital Marketing process that I developed for Able Canopies.

The investment for my training is £6000 and the details can be found at:

Use your £4000 grant for my training, via the Digital Skills for Growth Grant… It’s Unique, Amazing & Will Never Be Seen Again… 

If you qualify, the grant can be used to train an existing member of your staff or a new person joining your business.

Here are some examples of the people I am training:

  • The Son of the business owner in a Joinery Firm in Chelmsford
  • The Daughter of the business owners in an Electrical Contractors in Essex
  • 3 Existing Members of staff in a Canopy Construction Firm in Clacton
  • The Nephew of the business owner in a Kitchen Installations Company in Essex
  • The Wife of the business owner in a Hard Landscaping Business
  • A new ‘Admin’ Lady who has joined a Hard Floor Finishing Company in Essex

If you have someone in your business right now with basic computer experience, or you know someone, like a family member or friend, chances are, they can be trained on the Digital Marketing Processes I teach, and receive the £4000 grant. I believe my training can help to increase your turnover by an extra 36% per year too, just like Able Canopies. What would an extra 36% mean for you, in terms of additional Sales each year?

An extra £30,000… £100,000… £500,000 per year?

For Able Canopies it means an extra £791,000 p/a in extra Sales. What sort of an impact would that extra money have on your business and life? What would you buy?Where would you go? What would you do with the extra money? For the owner of Able Canopies it means a brand new Audi each year, a bigger house and more holidays etc… and it also positively impacts the lives of the staff at Able Canopies and their families too.

What would it mean for You… and Your Family?

The “Pink Elephant” in the room represents a unique and amazing opportunity that will never be seen again… to get £4000 toward the cost of my digital marketing training course. But it may also represent the fact that you or your staff don’t how to use Digital Marketing to get ahead of your competitors online, to grow your business, sales and profit using the Internet. Let me help you change that… now is the very best time to get on board.

The Pink Elephant leaves on the 31st March.

For more information about the Digital Marketing Training Course, or to find out if you qualify to receive £4000 via Digital Skills for Growth Grant, contact Leonardo Wood on 0845 618 7312 or email

* The Digital Skills for Growth Grant can be used for lots of different training courses, not just the iMarketing Training Course from LGX Marketing.

Over £130,000 has been awarded to date. Application is free and easy. If you are interested please do not hesitate get in touch as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment.