Forming A Consortium

Collaborating for a stronger bid

Have you ever come across a fantastic tender opportunity, or even a framework agreement, but your first thought is that it is just too large? Would it stretch your resources too much or perhaps you feel that you are short in expertise in particular areas?

Have you ever considered working alongside another company? Or several other companies? Maybe even a competitor?

Forming a consortium is a concept that at first glance may seem unappealing, and something that many businesses would be very reluctant to do, but having a share of a dream project is better than losing out altogether. It is certainly not unusual or frowned upon to say you will share the delivery. It will also show the client that you have considered their needs and you are serious about the opportunity.

If you show a willingness, and an openness, to collaborate with others it is also worth bearing in mind that they may well reciprocate the gesture the next time a large scale project turns up on their desk. One that you perhaps would never have uncovered yourself.