Asking for Feedback

We have previously covered following up on tenders and how it can help you improve the amount of business you win. In this short blog we are going to cover why it’s important to follow up on tenders won or lost and get feedback.

The reason it’s important to get feedback from every tender you price regardless whether you won it or not is to ensure you are always improving. Whether you are improving or not, you can be sure your competitors are! If you were awarded the new contract then it’s always worth knowing all the reasons why they went with you, just so you know what to repeat in future.

Make the effort to list of all the main points you think will improve how you tender. A few good questions to start with are:

  • How did my rates fare against others who priced?
  • Did we miss anything out?
  • Did it matter that we didn’t find any cost savings?
  • If we had exactly the same price that it was placed for would you have chosen us?
  • If not, what was the deciding factor?
  • Can we get a copy of the winning price, so we can improve for next time?